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Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape

Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape

Whether you’re considering eyebrow threading, plucking, or waxing, beautiful eyebrows can do wonders to accentuate the best facial features and create a lovely, balanced appearance. This means that the ideal eyebrow shape complements the shape of the face, while details like the position of the arch and curves or angles soften the facial features or add a more pronounced effect.



Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Oval

The oval face shape is defined by a soft jawline, a longer face vertically, and a balanced look that is created by the proportionate effect of the chin and brow. Oval face shapes require the least amount of eyebrow shaping and look best with eyebrows that arch gently at a soft angle and taper off. The angle should follow the natural arch of the brow. Too high of an arch will elongate the face and add unnecessary angles. Ideally, both the beginning and ends of the eyebrows should be level.


Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Round

Round face shapes are equally long as they are wide, with less distinct or rounded jawlines. High-arched arched eyebrows help a round face appear less round and plump while emphasizing the cheekbones. People with round face shapes should be careful to avoid rounded eyebrows since the combination only enhances the roundness of the face. The angle of the brow should be straight to the apex of the arch.


Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Long

To balance out the elongated shape, eyebrows for long face shapes should have a minimal arch. If possible, try to keep the eyebrows as horizontal as possible to help “shorten” the face. The width of the eyebrow should be fairly equal throughout from front to end, with the ends tapering slightly.


Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Square

This face shape is defined by the prominent, squared jawline. To draw attention up and away from the pronounced jawline, the eyebrows should be arched distinctly. Curved eyebrows soften the stronger features, while more angular eyebrows create a dramatic look. Be careful not to create too sharp of an arch, however, since this can have the effect of making the face appear angry.


Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Heart

The heart-shaped face is distinguished by the sharp, pointed chin that and a fuller brow. To create a harmonious heart-shaped effect, imagine the chin as the bottom and the eyebrows as the top curves of the heart. The arc of the eyebrows completes the heart-shaped appearance. A lower arch gives the heart-shaped face a softer, natural look while higher arches can add a dramatic flair. However, too angular or too sharp of an arch can make the person appear angry.


Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Diamond

The diamond face shape is similar to the heart-shaped face with the fuller brow and narrower chin. The diamond face shape, however, does not have a pointed chin. A higher arch and curved brow helps to soften the angular look of the diamond face shape while following the natural flow of the face up and outward from the chin.

Wide-Set Eyes

Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Wide-Set Eyes

Those with wide-set eyes especially want to be careful when plucking the front of the brows because overplucking in this area can make the eyes seem even more wide-set. To bring balance to the face and draw the features in, the eyebrows should be arched closer to the outer edge, which gives the appearance of shorter eyebrows.

Close-Set Eyes

Eyebrow Threading, Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape - Close-Set Eyes

For those with close-set eyes, longer eyebrows help to draw the features outward. An arch closer to the front adds additional length to the brows.


General Tips

If you are tending to your eyebrows for the first time and you aren’t sure which eyebrow shape is best for your face, it can help to go to a salon for eyebrow waxing or threading since the salon attendant can help you find your natural arch and create the right look for your face shape. Also, if you have finer hairs, or light or thin eyebrows, techniques such as eyebrow tinting can make to your eyebrows more distinct.


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