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March 9, 2017
Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape
Perfect Brows for Your Face Shape
April 27, 2017

How long does eyebrow tinting last – part 1

Let’s not lie to ourselves. Everyone wants to look good. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you deserve to and should look your best at all times. More than just being attractive, a pleasant looking person is more often than always said to be more confident and motivated than one who couldn’t be bothered about grooming him or herself. Plus, the society do pay more attention to beautiful people. Talk about judging someone by its cover. Putting that thought in mind, it is fair to say that one of the most important investments you should be making in life is actually in the area of personal grooming.

When it comes to grooming, people go all out doing all sort of things. For hair alone, we would do a million things just to replicate those of the models’ on many magazine covers. Likewise, eyebrows grooming have also become the in-thing these days with women of all ages putting their best effort to style their brows to compliment the shape of their faces.

In this two-part blog, we will be dropping you some valuable nuggets of wisdom with regards to the surge of this eyebrow madness.

First, let’s begin with eyebrow tinting. Using this colouring method, you don’t necessarily need to tweeze nor pluck your hair away. For those who are looking to make your eyebrows fuller and fabulous by tinting, bear in mind that the usually cheap semi-permanent dye generally fades out after three to four weeks. However, some of the blessed ones could have theirs intact up to six weeks. So, there really isn’t a fixed and definite result here – it pretty much varies per person.

Now you could be wondering what’s the best colour that suits you. Well, it all depends on how thick your brow hair is or the kind of look you are going for. To put things in contrast, Asians normally have thinner eyebrows whereas, for those in the Middle East, their eyebrows are slightly thicker; and for everyone else, theirs are generally somewhere in between.

On the contrary, figuring out the right combination between your natural hair and eyebrow colour could be a headache. For those who are unsure, a general guideline to go by is the two-shade rules. Those with dark hair should always go two shades lighter than their natural hair colour. The ones with lighter hair, on the other hand, are recommended to go two shades darker than their natural hair colour.

To further do wonders to your face, having your eyebrow nicely shaped is a must. A typical way to having immaculate eyebrow is by frequently tweezing and plucking out unwanted and stray hairs. To do this effectively, simply brush the hair up and once you come across the ones that are slightly off and above the shape, feel free to have them trimmed or completely removed. When plucking the brows around your arches, always remember to use your brow pencil as a guide to help you define its shape. Over-plucking your eyebrow unguided could lead to them being uneven. Also, always pluck your eyebrow in the direction of your hair growth.

For more stunning looks, you could use an extra help with the eyebrow stencil to fill your eyebrow. To start, gently brush your eyebrow so they sit nicely in place. The goal here is to not have any strand stand out anywhere. Next, line the stencil up with the eyebrow to ensure that it is right in place with where your hair is. Using the eyebrow stencil as a guide, fill the inner part of your eyebrow with your brow powder. Once you’re happy with the colour, remove the stencil and resume brushing through your brow using the eyebrow comb. Please do not overfill your eyebrow as it will make them look unusually big. To finish it off, use a darker shade of powder to fill in the remainder of your eyebrow. Lastly, always make sure to extend the tail of the eyebrow and fill it evenly to get that gorgeous look.

We hope you find these tips helpful and do stay tuned for the second part of the blog as we will reveal even more juicy content that will surely help you on your journey to perfecting that head-turning killer eyebrow of yours.


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