Franchises opportunity with The Beauty & Brow Parlours

Are you passionate about beauty and skin care and do you love helping other people look great?

If you do, then a franchise with The Beauty & Brow Parlours could be a perfect opportunity for you.

The Beauty & Brow parlours are already Melbourne’s leading destination for beauty needs and we have an extensive high class store network in major shopping centres around Melbourne, with expansion interstate now underway.

We have immediate opportunities for franchisees to join us in all major cities.

We provide you with an exquisite store, set up and ready to go. We also provide you with training, marketing support and business management support to help you create your own business that generates high earnings potential.

With 14 stores we have a strong and proven brand and business model and now you can step in and grow your own business with our systems and support.

The business is simple to run and can be highly rewarding. Contact us now.

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If you are looking to create a rewarding business in an exciting industry and brand then contact us to discuss how we can help make this happen.


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1. How much does it cost to establish a Beauty & Brow franchise store?
Depending on the size of your store and fitout requirements, it costs between $220,000 to $350,000 + GST to purchase a new franchise and set up a new store.
2. What is included in the establishment price?
The price includes everything related to buying the franchise and setting up the new store. This includes the franchise license fee, finding the site and negotiating the lease, organising the design and fitout of the store, installing the equipment, signage and computer systems as well as allowances for 4 weeks of stock and provision of uniforms for you and your staff.
3. Are there any other costs I need to consider?
Once you are ready to take over your store and start trading, you will need to put up a guarantee in favour of the landlord to cover the rental bond and you should allow for some short term working capital to cover any cashflow needs in the first few months of trading.
4. How long is the franchise agreement for?
5 years and if the lease allows for an extension of the lease period, then you may also have an equivalent option to renew the franchise agreement for up to 5 years.
5. Does the franchisee need to get involved in finding or setting up the store?
Not really. We handle all of that for you, often even before meeting you as we sometimes have stores set up and already trading before franchisees take over.
6. Does the franchisee control the site lease?
Yes, the store lease will be made out in the name of the franchisee or will be transferred to the franchisee. Either way, you control the lease.
7. What royalties are payable to the franchisor?
Unlike many other franchises that always want a share of your success by charging percentage based royalties, Beauty & Brow believes in motivating franchisees to work hard and achieve great results. We reward you by only charging a capped fixed fee royalty and the amount of royalty aligns with the size of your store. Smaller stores have smaller fixed fees.
8. Do you operate a marketing fund?
Yes. Marketing is an important part of the business so we organise marketing at a group level and at a store level. After 3 months from opening, franchisees contribute a capped fixed amount to a group marketing fund and the contribution amount aligns with size of the store.
9. Do I need to work in the store?
Why wouldn’t you? They are great looking beauty parlours and a fun place to interact with customers. That said, we do believe it is important to the success of each store that the franchisee is an owner operator and can be on hand to serve customers and supervise staff. However, given most stores are open 6 or 7 days a week, you can organise your work around the equivalent of a normal 5 day working week.