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Eyebrow Threading Near Me
June 28, 2017

Eyebrow Threading – Everything You Always Wanted to Know!

Fact — well-sculpted eyebrows are a must in 2017. Another fact, there is no better way to achieve perfectly chiselled eyebrows than eyebrow threading.

Threading is healthier, more affordable, and a solution for long-lasting eyebrows that show off your face’s natural shape. The Beauty & Brow Parlour, a threading specialist in Australia, has multiple-locations operating out of Eastland Ringwood, Chadstone, Emporium Melbourne, Colonnades Adelaide, and Bankstown Sydney that are guaranteed to get your eyebrows looking amazing.

What exactly is it and why is it so amazing? We’ve got all those answers and more for you!

Origins of Threading

Here’s what we know:

  • Threading originated in Asia. As to the specifics, those are still unclear.
  • According to some theorists, this practice began in India over 6000 years ago (yeah, it’s that old) and spread like crazy through Asia, the Middle East, and more recently Europe.
  • It is a long-standing tradition that women practiced when they were getting married, signifying their entrance into womanhood, with Iranian and Persian cultures being the forerunners of this custom.
  • Today, it is a practice that is gender neutral, offering a grooming solution to both men and women trying to maintain their appearance.
  • Still practiced in much of Asia today, threading is as common in many Asian cultures as waxing, plucking, and laser removal is in Western society.

So, how does it work?

Yes, it looks weird. But how it works is actually fascinating.

  1. Begin with a cotton thread. A beautician will twist the thread into a loop to create knots in the middle.
  2. Next, they will position themselves, holding part of the thread in their mouths or tying it round their neck, with the other pieces controlling the twisting held in their hands.
  3. Finally, the technician will begin to maneuverer the thread, twisting it quickly back and forth over the targeted areas, pulling the hair from the root.

And that’s it. Simple. Chemical free. Fast.

Benefits of Threading

When it comes to plucking, waxing, or laser hair removal, threading far outweighs them all.

Chemical free: Whether you have sensitive skin or want to avoid chemicals all together, threading is the answer for you. There are no chemicals used in threading, unlike waxing.

Accuracy: Arguably the biggest pro, threading offers unmatched accuracy. This technique allows you to mould the eyebrows with stellar precision. Allowing you to target individual stragglers or many hairs at once, this is basically as if tweezing and waxing were merged. Also, the person doing the threading will always have an unobstructed view of what they’re doing (unlike waxing).

Less Pain: The general consensus is that threading is less painful than waxing, with some speculating that this is because the thread doesn’t actually touch the skin when it is removing the hair. The skin surrounding the eyebrow is naturally thin and sensitive, so it is best to avoid techniques that pull at it.

Timesaver: Whether you’re spending hours in an office for laser hair removal or tweezing, threading is a faster alternative to both most of the time.

Safety: For people using a topical retinoid or acne medicine, threading is a safer alternative. These drugs can thin the skin, making it vulnerable to being damaged or pulled off during waxing.

Long-lasting: Of course, this depends on how fast your hair grows, but for most, threading produces results that last between 3-4 weeks.

Affordability: When compared to waxing and laser hair removal, threading is much more affordable (especially considering the guaranteed and amazing results you get). Here at The Beauty Brow Parlour, we only charge $10 for eyebrow threading in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney.

Is it suitable for me?

Well, YES! Of course, it is. Threading is for everyone who is seeking to tame the overgrowth of their hair. There are many areas of the body where threading can be used:

  • Eyebrows
  • Upper lip
  • Forehead
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Middle brow
  • Cheeks
  • Sides

If you’re someone who is seeking a better alternative to dealing with grooming, then threading is definitely something you can try. With so many benefits and the long history this practice has, you can feel confident in your choice to try something that people have been happy with for centuries.

Where can I go for it?

The Beauty and Brow Parlour offers eyebrow threading in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, with their flagships stores operating out of Eastland Ringwood, Chadstone, Emporium Melbourne, Colonnades Adelaide, and Bankstown Sydney.

Providing an affordable solution and amazing results, we are leaders in the craft and will undoubtedly wow you with our work!

Here at The Beauty & Brow Parlour, we pride ourselves by being the best beauty destination in Australia. With prices that are easy on your pocket, our excellent services include eyebrow threading, waxing, tinting, eyelash extensions, makeup, facial as well as skin care treatment. Contact us today to book an appointment at a store near you.